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Thinking Of Selling?

Dear Forever Client,

There’s a lot to consider when selling your home. First and foremost, you want to make sure that buyers know what it’s worth. This means looking at your house from a whole new perspective – that of your potential buyers. I’m excited to help you prepare! Here are a few things you may need to take care of before you put your house on the market:

Home Seller Checklist

1. Home inspection. Depending on what year your house was built, an inspection will determine that items such as your furnace, roof, windows and foundation are in good condition (I can recommend someone).

2. Pre-packing and decluttering. Does each room of your house feel spacious? What about your garage? Clean and clutter-free makes a great first impression on buyers.

3. Check your flooring. Look at the condition of your carpets and floors. What needs to be replaced or refinished?

4. Notch up your curb appeal. An attractive exterior can be a major selling point. Make sure your front, back and side yards are well maintained. Take a look at what major and minor repairs might be needed.

5. Painting. When was the last time you repainted? Buyers tend to respond best to neutral colors. If you have wallpaper, it should be removed. Also, repair any holes or cracks in the ceilings.

6. Depersonalizing. Buyers like to envision themselves in a home. Removing items such as pictures, records, CDs, books, memorabilia and toys will help buyers connect to your home.

7. Staging. Too much furniture can make a room look smaller while too little can make it feel cold and uninviting. Lighting is also an important element of staging. Make sure your lights are in good condition and are always on for showings (I can help you with this as well).

8. Air quality and odors. Buyers are very sensitive to how a home smells. Be sure to check for mold or mildew. If you have pets, you may want to consider removing them during showings and putting their litter boxes and food dishes away. Also, avoid cooking with any strong seasoning, spices or other foods with lingering odors before a showing.

I hope you find this list helpful and I’m here to help you every step of the way. If you have any questions, please contact me.

I look forward to working with you!

Kind regards,

Maxwell Stevens

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