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Lake Life For Generations...

Nestled in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania there is a place where we call home. Where everyone is on lake time and life is filled with family, laughter, and adventure.

That’s why our family has been here for five generations. We would like to take you on a journey through time; 102 years ago to be exact. Before there was a lake at all. A deep valley and a stream of swift and slow moving waters, before the lake became a name people would remember forever.

The story starts in 1916. A woman by the name of Olivia Pearl Birdsong (we called her grandmom) came up every summer to camp Onika on Fairview lake: a five hour car ride from their home in Germantown Pennsylvania right outside Philadelphia. 

During her trip to the area she recalls fondly overnight trips with her 4 sisters camping in pasturelands now covered by the Big Lake and the friendly farmer treating the kids to a taste of warm milk - squirted direct from cow to mouth! This upbringing went on until the lake was created in 1926 becoming the recreational attraction of the tri-state area.

After college, Olivia and her husband James Jon (We called him Granddad) owned several lake front cottages over their years here and Lake Wallenpaupack became a place for our family to reconnect, explore and escape.

The story continues to present day where we live work and play in upstate PA!

With Gratitude, Love & Joy,

Maxwell Stevens

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